Nutritive provides nourishing care for normal to slightly dry fine hair. The nourishing range helps boost the condition and nourishment of the hair. In this duo, the bain and conditioner work together specifically for normal to slightly dry hair, to gently nourish the hair leaving it lightweight, smooth and silky.

Key Benefits

  • Extract of Iris Rhizome: protects the hair from oxidation and prolongs nourishment.
  • Lipids: coat the surface of the hair fiber to boost natural production of sebum.
  • Carbohydrates: stimulate natural energy to nourish the hair fiber from the root.
  • Proteins: essential to the hair’s substance, they nourish the fiber and permeate it with softness.
  • ROYAL IRIS COMPLEX: Royal Jelly Extract + Iris Rhizome Extract
  • Delivers complete nourishment, backed by anti-oxidant protection for a long-lasting anti-dryness result.
  • Xylose: protects the hair from heat.
  • Siccative Linseed oil: For intense shine and softness.

How to Apply

  1. BAIN SATIN 1 Measure out 5ml . Apply first to the top of the scalp, then to the sides and finally to the nape of the neck. Massage gently, emulsify and rinse and repeat once more focusing on ends.
    Following the Bain shampoo, squeeze hair dry with a towel. Place 15 to 30ml of product in the palm of the hand, depending on hair length.
  3. Apply to lengths and ends, massage and twist. Repeat application on the whole head.
  4. Leave on for 2-3 mins, then add a little water, emulsify the lengths between the hands, and use two fingers to remove surplus product. Rinse thoroughly.