Palettes of six sculpting and highlighting powders have been causing a cyber-space furore, but don’t worry lovers, now you too can be the proud owner of razor-sharp cheekbones (we can hear the supermodels quaking in their stilettos). With both matte and sateen textures, the pro palettes (available in two shades; Light/Med and Tan/Deep) are perfect for emphasising your assets – eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline – creating believable grey-toned shadows where you want them, and exaggerating the ‘3D’ quality of your features. From chiselling cheeks to streamlining larger-than-you’d-like noses, they’re a make-up maven’s must-have; no self-respecting beauty guru should be without it!

How to use
For a step-by-step diagram, click here

1. Drag a line of contour 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone at an angle from top of the ear to corner of the mouth (going lighter as it reaches the mouth area so the contour line can disappear before hitting the laugh line). This step chisels the hollows of the cheeks.

2. Contour the temples and top of the forehead (along hairline) to minimise a large forehead and create a ‘3D’ effect.

3. Apply the same powder along the jawline under the ear and connecting the the chin, to chisel the jawbone.

4. Blend the jaw contour down to the neck to avoid a harsh line.

5. Starting at the inner corner of the eyebrow, use a narrow brush and drag a contour line down the bridge of the nose. Do the same on the other side of the nose so you have two parallel lines running down the bridge of the nose.

6. Apply contour on the bottom of the nose to connect the two parallel lines and to make the nose appear shorter if you have a long nose.

7. Highlight the cupid’s bow above centre of lip to create a pout, and highlight centre area of chin to balance the face.

8. Highlight under eyes, across top of cheekbones, and down toward apple of cheeks to brighten under eyes and make the cheekbones appear raised.

9. Highlight the laugh line area (from beside the nostril down to corner of the mouth) to make them appear less deep of shadowy.

10. Use what’s left on the brush to clean up under the cheek contour and sharpen.

11. Highlight between brows to centre of forehead, and fan toward the arch of the brows to make the brows appear bolder and clean.

12. Use a shimmery highlight to dust lightly all over the previously highlighted areas for a pop of shine.

13. Remember, do not add shimmer to laugh lines, wrinkles, or areas within extremely visible pores of bumps.